Why choose us?

We are here to help! Whether you’re looking to compliment your existing production or have a photo booth be the center of attention at your event, we’re ready to go! Anyone can slap an iPad on a stand and call it a photo booth. We stand apart from the competition with a dedicated team of professionals on-site to tailor to your guests needs.

Impressions Matter

Photo booths aren’t just a great way for your guests to have fun. They create an opportunity to increase your social media presence and collect invaluable data of potential customers. Photos and videos captured at our booths can be instantly shared to major social media sites and email straight from the booth with detailed impressions and reach calculated and delivered to you post-event.


Here are just a few of our state of the art offerings that we use as spring boards to create a customized experience for your production:


Lights, camera, action!

360 Booth

Show off your best look or just strike a badass action pose with your friends, we’ll catch it from all angles.

Green Screen

Pretty sure George Lucas gets a dollar every time someone says green screen.

Gif Booth

Whether you pronounce Gif or Jiff, we won’t judge.

Slow Motion

Trust us, everything looks cooler in slow motion.